The main objective of NEFFICS is to support networked enterprise transformation and resource management in future internet enabled innovation clouds. This will be achieved by providing a cloud-based Software platform, with associated methods and models for Networked Business operations, linked to relevant Innovation processes, for enabling Networked Enterprises to become Highly Innovative and Flexible and Agile in business transformation and resource management (including processes, products, services and persons).

VDML 1.0 Beta 1 available (April 2014)

A public Beta 1 specification of VDML 1.0 is now available at http://www.omg.org/spec/VDML/

VDML adopted by the OMG Business Modeling and Integration Task Force and the OMG Architectural Board (December 2013)

During the OMG Technical Meeting in Santa Clara, California, 9-13 December 2013, the OMG Business Modeling and Integration task force and the OMG Architectural Board voted to adopt the VDML revised submission of November 2013 and to move it into the finalization process within OMG.

VDML Final Revised submission (November 2013)

NEFFICS, represented by Cordys, Aalborg University and SINTEF, has been responsible for the final revised proposal for the Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) [OMG Document bmi/13-11-03].

This final revised proposal is a joint submission by submitters Cordys Corporation B.V. and CSC, and supporters Aalborg University, Adaptive, Agile Enterprise Design, AT&T, BizAgi, Ltd., Fujitsu, Mega International, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Oelan, REA Technology, SINTEF, Strategic Value Partners, ValueNet Works, InPaqt and Vlastuin Group.

The integrated NEFFICS platform is now ready

Watch a video demo here
(If using IE please be patient, the video could take approximate 2 min to download)

It provides support for networked innovation management combined with business operations design time support, in particular the linkage between innovation ideas and related analysis models.

Further versions in the coming months will introduce functionality for integrated business model innovation, value measurement and service innovation. See the menu item for NEFFICS platform for further information about functionality in progress.  A limited set of trials of the platform will be supported.


For further information please contact:

  • Alf Martin Johansen  (NEFFICS Exploitation Manager)
    email: amj[at]inductsoftware[dot]com
  • Henk De Man (NEFFICS Technical Manager)
    email: hdman[at]cordys[dot]com