NEFFICS is starting from two of the most advanced Cloud and SaaS based platforms already available for Business Operations and Innovation Communities, from the European providers Cordys and Induct Software respectively. These two platforms will be combined, and extended from the support of single enterprises to the support of networked enterprises.

NEFFICS will investigate several interlinked models and methods to support network-based business innovation. As a starting point, a value delivery model and methodology for networked business value delivery analysis will be used for a value analysis of the planned and the executing process and service models supported by the business operations platform. The value analysis will include a network based value model and support for a business ecology model with evaluation factors such as financial, business and social sustainability, performance, and quality (the OMG Business Ecology Initiative, amongst others, will be reviewed in this context).

NEFFICS will actively contribute to standardisation of the results. The NEFFICS partners are already actively involved in OMG and have prepared for future RFP (Request for Proposal) processes that will be a basis for further extensions based on the results from NEFFICS. Both the extensions for case/knowledge management and value delivery modelling are in preparation through a case management RFP and a Value Delivery Metamodel RFP respectively, with Cordys being part of the OMG leadership for these activities. The extensions for business and IT service modelling will be based on the SoaML service modelling language, currently under standardisation in OMG, led by SINTEF.