Case Studies

The NEFFICS platform, methods and models will be driven by the needs of two user communities: Virtual Factory Network through Vlastuin, and Liquid Hospital through HSJD.

Case A: Virtual Factory Network

The purpose of this case study is to develop a virtual extended factory (VEF) in the cloud supporting the (networked) value chain of a company in the Manufacturing Industry. The virtual extended factory makes use of cloud techniques to integrate business processes of the companies that participate in this VEF. Collaboration within and between companies will be supported by extended use of Web 2.0 technology. Chain-wide Business Process Innovation will be integrated part of the VEF solution.

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Case B: Liquid Hospital

This case study focuses on a virtual network of hospitals and companies, using cloud computing and storage, to innovate in healthcare, in products, services and business models. HSJD currently has a long standing innovation process in place that is well-established. The only bottleneck is that most operations are done in physical interactions. With NEFFICS, the management of the innovation processes will be done through the NEFFICS platform. Business model innovation should become a requirement of the innovation process at HSJD.

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