SINTEF – leading expertise in model-driven service engineering and interoperable systems. SINTEF brings to the project extensive, internationally renowned, expertise in model-driven development methodologies and technologies applied to distributed systems in general. The Cooperative and Trusted Systems group at SINTEF ICT has long-term experience in model-driven engineering technologies and standardisation. SINTEF brings in previous results on SOA and Web services architecture and methods, in particular through the SoaML language and methodology for services from the SHAPE project.
Vlastuin Group – leading SME contract manufacturer for the automotive industry. Vlastuin brings in his European business network and business knowledge and offers a real business environment to implement and validate the concept of NEFFICS.
Hospital San Juan de Dios – a privately owned institution but also with public funding and commitment. Founded by the Order of St John of God Hospital in 1867 has over 130 years of experience. Hospital San Juan de Dios (HSJD) is highly specialized and focus on technology in which women, children and adolescents are the center of interest. HSJD’s mission is to provide comprehensive care to our patients combining all the more human aspects of care with the development of new scientific developments.
Cordys – global provider of software for business process innovation and Enterprise Cloud Orchestration. Cordys brings in its Business Operations Platform (BOP). Based on Cordys BOP, it also offers the Cordys Process Factory, an on-line available platform to build and run Mashup Applications (MashApps®) on the Web.
Induct Software – global provider of Innovation Management software as a service. Induct Innovation Community is a truly integrated Web-based service that supports custom design, management, and measurement of the entire innovation process. Enterprise 2.0 technology and social networking concepts are integrated with a flexible and customizable innovation process management framework.
IC Focus – a leading researcher in business models and business strategies, founding chair of the EDI, eCommerce and eBusiness standardisation activities within CEN between 1992 and 2004, an established expert on the Future Internet and leader of the Enterprise topic in the Future Internet Assembly, and the (voluntary) main editor of several publications of the FInES Cluster (EI Research Roadmap Version 1 to 4, Value Proposition for Enterprise Interoperability, and FInES Cluster Position Paper), brings to the consortium over two decades’ expertise in business and finance, in standardisation and in research. The company is also a recognised expert on EU policy developments, and has most recently – in the summer of 2009 – been consulted by DG INFSO on the socio-economic impacts of the Future Internet.
Aalborg University / ICI – leading expertise in business model innovation and Innovation Leadership. ICI together with its partners CTIF and CIP brings to the project extensive, internationally renowned, expertise in innovation methodologies and wireless technologies applied to distributed business mode lnnovation and systems. The ICI research group together with CTIF and CIP research group has long-term experience in innovation, globalisation and wireless technology. ICI brings in previous results on innovation, business model innovation in networks, innovation methods, including through collaboration with Center for Teleinfrastructure (CTIF, and Center for Industrial Production (CIP,