Liquid Hospital

This case study focuses on a virtual network of hospitals and companies, using cloud computing and storage, to innovate in healthcare, in products, services and business models. HSJD currently has a long standing innovation process in place that is well-established. The only bottleneck is that most operations are done in physical interactions. With NEFFICS, the management of the innovation processes will be done through the NEFFICS platform. Business model innovation should become a requirement of the innovation process at HSJD.

HSJD is part of a network of healthcare institutions, as part of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, with more than 300 healthcare centers around the world, in more than 50 countries in all 5 continents. Only in Spain, there is a large network of hospitals: more than 15. The kind of collaboration that is expected from the networks is:

In the case of our network of hospitals (Parc Sanitari de Sant Boi; Hospital San Juan de Dios, de Pamplona):

  • New ideas
  • Suggestions for already existing ideas
  • If necessary, prototyping and testing of products

In the case of other healthcare institutions in Catalonia:

  • When appropriate, patients to use our products.

In the case of technological companies:

  • Funding
  • Partnership for the IT products
  • Technological solutions

In the case of universities and business schools:

  • For the business oriented: help in drafting business plan and discovering business models
  • For the technically oriented: prototyping

In the case of the Kid’s Cluster:

  • New ideas
  • Production, distribution and marketing for the products developed

This case study focuses on the next steps. The approach in the last 4 years has relied extensively in physical interaction (individual connections and innovation seminars) as well as basic technologies (email). Due to the large workload and the distances between our centers and our workers, HSJD needs to incorporate management tools to continue innovating in a scalable way.

The analysis of our current situation, as well as the potential innovation opportunities that arise, has allowed us to set a new path to incorporate a software tool which will allow us to:

Gather ideas from:

  • Workers in other floors of the physical location of the Innovation
  • Department, as well as other buildings
  • Workers in different shifts (especially night nurses and physicians)
  • Workers in other institutions from the Order of Saint John of God

Manage, support and collaboration:

  • Manage those ideas in a timely manner, allowing our innovation support teams to analyze and evaluate those ideas
  • Support the accelerated implementation of the ideas we value as clinical and/or business opportunities
  • Collaborate with other leading healthcare institutions: CIMIT, Oslo University Hospital, Aalborg University – International Center for Innovation, etc.