Methodologies & Framework

The NEFFICS Platform provides tools and services that build upon the baseline functionality for innovation community and business operations extended with support for the NEFFICS Methodologies and Frameworks:

  • The Networked Innovation Models define frameworks for different innovation types, starting from business model innovation and further supporting service, process and product innovation.
  • The Networked Business Value Analysis Models define frameworks and methods for business value analysis, including the VDML specification.
  • The Networked Process and Service Models define frameworks and methods for process and service modelling, supporting process and service innovation. It also includes the CMMN specification.

The figure shows relationships between the various NEFFICS Methodologies and Frameworks, and the various tools and services of the NEFFICS Platform. These relationships suggest which tools and services have been improved or developed based on which methodologies and frameworks.

Representation of BMs, which are at the core of BMI, is supported by the BM Designer in the Platform. Structured and detailed representations of elements of BMs, as well as of “relationships” between elements, both within a BM and across BMs, are supported by VDML Designer, as integrated with BM Designer. BMI Process support in the Networked Innovation Community (NIC) implements core BMI and BMIL process concepts. Regarding BMIL support, implementation focus so far has been more on essentials than on compliance with specific BMIL strategy representation formats, as proposed by D4.3.

VDML covers the essentials of the Value Flow Model concept of the Business Value Framework. VDML allows business value analysis, and supports Value Flow Model concepts, at any “value level”. “Value types”, as proposed by D3.2, can be defined in VDML-based Value Libraries, and from there applied in VDML-based business design and analysis. VDML comes with an integrated measurement framework, to support measurement aspects of value creation / distribution /consumption and value impact and provides a foundation for “value formula”. The VDML Designer provides an integrated solution for these concepts.

ServiceML models are supported by the Service Modelling Editor. Service concepts in ServiceML have been aligned with VDML, enabling potential integration of Service Modelling Editor with VDML Designer, though this integration might not be achieved in NEFFICS itself. CMMN Designer, representing the modelling part of the Case Management solution in the NEFFICS Platform, has served as a leading implementation in the development of the CMMN standard. As the CMMN standard has now gone through adoption in the OMG, it is intended to implement any upcoming improvement, especially use-case driven, in a way that increases the level of compliance with CMMN. NEFFICS methodology and related practices are maintained in the NEFFICS methodology tool.