Networked Business Value Analysis Models

The networked business value analysis models are being developed in WP3.

Table 19: Networked Business Value Analysis Models

Framework/Methodology Short Description Availability Status
Business Value Framework Framework for definition and analysis of business values and associated metrics. It comprises such elements as Business Value Levels, Business Value Categories, Business Value Types, Business Values, Business Value Measures (metrics) and Business Value Measurements. It focuses on applying these elements in a so-called Value Flow Model (VFM). Foreground – ready to use From D3.1 and D3.2
VDML method and standard A metamodel and notation for Value Delivery Modeling, which is also subject of a NEFFICS-driven standardization effort in the Object Management Group (OMG). Its implementation serves an important integrative purpose in the NEFFICS Platform: it supports Business Value Analysis and Value Flow Model (subject of WP3), BM design and analysis (subject of WP4), and aligns  with Process and Service Models (subject of WP5). Foreground – ready to use From D3.3
Framework for Value analysis Framework for Business Value Analysis, building further on Business Value Framework. It has particular focus on Value Formula, which will also facilitate further alignment with BMI. Foreground – in progress For D3.4