Networked Innovation Community

The figure shows the tools and services of the Networked Innovation Community component of the NEFFICS Platform. The figure highlights both the existing (background) and foreground developed (or planned) ones in the NEFFICS project. All of the tools and services are provided as online solutions in the Cloud. A short summary of the functionality of the tools and services is provided in Table 15.

Table 15: Networked Innovation Management (NIM) tools and services

Tool/Service Short Description Availability Status
Baseline Extensions This is actually not a service or tool by itself, but relates to all Extensions of the Innovation Community (IC) for the purpose of supporting NEFFICS research and supporting demands of the use-case partners. These extensions are:

  • Innovation Zones: Internal sub-innovation communities with the internal enterprise can share knowledge within open innovation zones
  • Multiple Innovation Types: Extend the innovation community to facilitate several types of innovation, (i.e. process, product, brand, service etc.) The innovation community needs to be highly customizable to address different types of innovation and enterprise strategic goals.
  • Knowledge Search: Information and knowledge flow based on semantic search
Foreground – ready to use
Portfolio Workspaces, Challenges Ideas The part of the IC that is concerned with registration of and collaboration on challenges, ideas and portfolios of these. Background
Innovation Process Engine Engine that progresses the stage gate processes of challenges and ideas. Background
Innovation Reporting Monitoring service that provides statistics about ideas, challenges, stages of their life cycles. Amongst others, it supports innovation funnel management. Background
BMI Process Process, that comprises any activity concerned with managing innovation in relation to a challenge. Stage-gate processes of the challenge and its related ideas are driven by the Innovation Process Engine. Foreground – in progress
Networked Innovation / Cluster Framework that enables innovation
activity across boundaries of enterprise-related IC instances.
Service/Process Innovation Process Specialization of BMI Process, focusing on ideation to discover or improve a process or service, possibly driven by challenges, insights and performance monitoring data that originates from operating processes. It will, for instance, support AT-ONE Service Innovation practice (see D6.3). Foreground – ready to use
Innovation value Impact Tool that supports the impact of innovations, relative to value objectives, as basis for on-going innovation decision making. It is in particular integrated with portfolio management. Foreground – ready to use
BMI Canvas Tool to discover and represent Business Models (BMs) as context for and target of a BMI Process. Until M24 it was assumed that BMs are just represented in the IC itself. As part of the NEFFICS recovery effort, and in the context of the integrated NEFFICS Platform, an integrated model-driven approach for BM design is now followed, whereby a complete and detailed representation of BMs reside in the Business operations design-time component. The IC will focus on embedding these representations in BMI processes. Foreground – ready to use