Networked Innovation Models

The networked innovation models are being developed in WP4.

Table 18: Networked Innovation Models

Framework/Methodology Short Description Availability Status
Business Model Innovation (BMI) Framework for Business Model Innovation, centered around the conceptualization of a BM as defined in seven dimensions. Foreground – ready to use From D4.1
Business  Model Innovation and Leadership (BMIL) Further process description for how to develop the different parts of the BMI framework. Foreground – ready to use From D4.3
Service Innovation Methodology for service innovation, with a foundation in the AT ONE methodology. Foreground – ready to use From D4.2, update in progress for D4.4
Process Innovation Methodology for process innovation, with an initial foundation in the methodology from D6.2. Foreground – in progress D4.4
FI BMI models Framework extension for Future Internet Open Business Models (FI-OBM), focusing on BMs in the context of networked-based and network-enabled innovation; it also supports BM categorisation, and comes with samples and usage guidelines. Foreground – in progress D4.5