NEFFICS Platform

The NEFFICS Platform is grouped into five main areas:

  • The Networked Innovation Community provides the innovation services for idea, ┬áchallenge and innovation management
  • The Business analysis modelling provides the collaborative cloud based, VDML implementation that enables model based Enterprise design and transformation, over and above the model driven platform that enables
    application development.
  • The Business automation modelling provides support for models that can be automated and directly supported through the business operations runtime.
  • The Business operations runtime provides services for execution of models, management of work to be performed as part of model execution, and monitoring of model execution and business data that is generated as a result
    of model execution, all in a distributed service-oriented architecture context.
  • The Internet of Services and Things area includes third party services, including COIN and ASPIRE, that provide access to underlying services for collaboration, interoperability, sensor and RFID information. Services of
    enterprise applications, available on premise of use case partners, can be positioned in this area as well.

The NEFFICS Platform provides tools and services that build upon the baseline functionality for innovation community and business operations extended with support for the NEFFICS Methodologies and Frameworks:

  • The Networked Innovation Models define frameworks for different innovation types, starting from business model innovation and further supporting service, process and product innovation.
  • The Networked Business Value Analysis Models define frameworks and methods for business value analysis, including the VDML specification.
  • The Networked Process and Service Models define frameworks and methods for process and service modelling, supporting process and service innovation. It also includes the CMMN specification.

Accompanying the NEFFICS Platform we have the public NEFFICS Methodology Wiki which provides descriptive guidelines in the form of practices for how to apply and adopt the models, methodologies and tools provided by the NEFFICS Platform and Frameworks.