Vision and Objectives

NEFFICS envisions that future enterprise networks will be value networks, engaging suppliers, business partners and customers in (1) new kinds of value transaction; (2) new modes of exchange; (3) new organisation structures and models; and (4) new business practices. Compared to the existing supply chains, the value networks will be more open, flexible, adaptive, participatory and peer-to-peer. They will also substantially increase the capability of networked enterprises to expand their businesses through new entry of participants.

The NEFFICS vision is:

By 2015 Enterprise (in particular SME) Networks will be able to dynamically operate in cloud-based environments, independent of geographic location, with collaborative networked business operations support for knowledge workers and business services, integrated with real-time resource management for Internet of Services, Internet of Things/RFID and Internet of People from different partners, and linked directly to Innovation Community services.

Based on the above vision, the specific problem that NEFFICS tries to solve is threefold:

  1. What is the foundation of such enterprise systems? The NEFFICS system will be built using a Cloud-based paradigm and related innovation concepts for networked enterprises, based on a software platform running on top of a public Internet where basic, utility-like functionality for business operation can be assumed.
  2. How to enable their rapid adoption by enterprises? NEFFICS will demonstrate how networked enterprises can make management and innovation of their business more effective and efficient based on a Business Operations Platform combined with an Innovation Community Platform for open innovation with associated methods and models.
  3. What are their benefits for enterprises? The business relevance and benefits of these results will be demonstrated and evaluated in two networked enterprise communities, and involving also additional stakeholders and communities, in respect of value generation, new business opportunities and the corresponding business models.


The main objective of the NEFFICS project is to:

Support Networked Enterprise transFormation and resource management in Future internet enabled Innovation CloudS. This will be achieved by providing a cloud-based Software platform, with associated methods and models for Networked Business operations, linked to relevant Innovation processes, for enabling Networked Enterprises to become Highly Innovative and Flexible and Agile in business transformation and resource management (including processes, products, services and persons).

The main objective is based on combining the two trends of digital business ecosystems and collaborative innovation by involving experts, customers, users, etc. online and in interaction, underpinned by the participatory, experimental culture and network effects of Web 2.0.

The business context and value of the combined platform will be demonstrated and validated in networked enterprise communities in two sectors through innovative applications, while also involving a large number of additional communities as the NEFFICS Community. Innovative business models and methods will also be provided to demonstrate value generation at the business level. Standards impact will be achieved through active, strategic input to standardisation in OMG on Business Models and CEN TC389 on Innovation Management.

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